Revised Visiting Arrangements

As you are probably aware, official government guidance is recommending that care homes begin allowing bedroom visits and we are delighted to implement this. The change in visiting allows 2 (two) constant visitors to be able to have a bedroom visit but we must stress, this must always be the same two people and not two people today and two different people the next time. Clearly, you will need to agree who the nominated visitors will be in discussion with your loved one and their friends and family but once nominated we cannot change these persons and will be documenting this accordingly. For any visitors still wanting to visit with another person from their household or bubble or any visitors who are not the named representatives for bedroom visits, we will still conduct visits behind screens as we have been doing for the past few months. There will still only be 2 visits per day and this can be made up of a combination of bedroom or screened visits but not both at the same time as there will be too much for the home to manage safely. Obviously, this is a little different from the visiting protocol already in place, but we are very hopeful that if everyone is sensible and follows the rules as prescribed, we should be able to offer a wonderful new experience and another step towards normality. As before these visits will be limited to 30 minutes in duration.

The other important change to be aware of is the use of a new Covid-19 visitor tracker which negates the use of the current paper screening tool. You will find there is a QR code poster fixed by the front door of the home. You will need to scan the code using your smartphone and then fill in the online questionnaire and the information will be temporarily stored on a visitor tracker portal. This gives us a paperless record system and complies with track and trace requirements. If you don’t have a smartphone, we will still need to capture the same information for track and trace purposes, but this will need to be done manually.

As you might expect there will be a time delay before a visit begins since we are required to conduct the lateral flow test and obtain the track and trace information in advance of your entering the home and so we must ask you to arrive at the home 30 minutes before your booked visit time. Unfortunately, we must ask you to wait outside the home whilst we complete the lateral flow test and complete the questionnaire mentioned.

Thank you for your cooperation and I hope the visits are a great success.

Victoria Nursing Group

Exceptional Care

With six high quality care homes located in Hove, Folkestone and Midhurst, Victoria Nursing Group seeks to provide the highest standards of care for the discerning individual. We delight in offering exceptional care in convivial surroundings and in the company of like-minded people.

All our homes offer freshly cooked, appetising and nutritionally balanced meals with a seasonal choice available every day. Our professional chefs use fresh ingredients to prepare a range of delicious, wholesome meals in our care home kitchens. Additionally, the chefs visit all residents on a daily basis to ensure we understand what choices people wish to make along with giving consideration to the nutritional requirements and food preferences. The chefs plan four-weekly menu cycles, which are changed regularly, based upon feedback and input from residents to ensure everyone enjoys a variety of delicious dishes every day of the week. The preferences of the residents are always taken into account, which means classic meals often feature alongside traditional regional cuisine on our menus.

Personal Care

Many of our residents lead full and active lives, yet welcome the 24 hour a day security of a professional, personalised care environment and the opportunity to live amongst like-minded individuals. Each of our Homes is situated in pleasant surroundings, equipped and furnished to the highest of standards and provide a high quality dining experience.

Nursing Care

As well as maintaining the highest possible standards of personal care, we also offer nursing care at all of our homes. Working closely with local health care professionals, our fully-qualified nursing staff are able to offer dedicated medical care to our residents, 24 hours a day. Nursing care goes beyond the everyday welfare of our residents to include such things as provision of post-operative care and specific nursing support for chronic and terminal illness.

Short Stay Care

Many of our long term residents have previously stayed with us on a short stay basis. There are many reasons for residents choosing a short stay – it maybe that a carer will be away or requires a break for a period of time, or that a resident needs specialised care during a period of post-operative recovery. Whatever the reason for your stay, you will be afforded the same high standards of care and assessment as our longer-term residents.

End of Life Care

Quality of life is as much a right for the terminally ill as for everyone else. Victoria Nursing Group believe that compassionate care for both the chronically and terminally ill can improve the quality of their lives. All of our nursing homes provide for those who are terminally ill with care that focuses on the control of pain and symptoms (sometimes referred to as palliative care).


We are excited to be working in partnership with OOMPH! Our residents tell us they look forward to the weekly exercise party and the monthly trips out are loved by all – whether it’s a trip to a local garden centre or watching the world go by on the seafront, there’s something for everyone!

Quality of life

We believe residents should retain as much of their independence as possible and the importance of staying both physically and mentally active is key.

Along with our excellent staffing levels, our Homes are equipped with the very best equipment to assist the team in going about their duties and ensuring the comfort and safety of those we care for.

Quality staff

We believe in providing the very best in care and lifestyle for our Residents, and our employees share in the desire to make this a reality through their service delivery and engagement with our Residents. We seek to employ the best in order to provide the best and always believe it’s the way we care that makes the difference.

Exceptional Service

Quality is at the heart of everything we do. Our homes provide all of the equipment and facilities that one would expect from a modern day care facility, and more. Our commitment to investing in our homes and the staff helps us to provide a level of service and quality that is truly exceptional.

Social Engagement

Our staff all work to promote social engagement and to better understand our residents interests in order to develop personal engagement opportunities in addition to a wide variety of entertainment and outings. There is a continuous programme of events, including a gentle fitness exercise programme and our social calendar is focused on encouraging mental alertness, self-esteem and social interaction.

Our Locations

We understand choosing a Home is a difficult decision. If you would like to know more about one of our Homes, or arrange an informal visit, please contact the Registered Manager at the Home directly.


The quaint town of Folkestone, situated in the South of Kent has all the ingredients needed for peaceful and fulfilling retirement. Between the towering white cliffs to the east and historic port town of Hythe, there are two Victoria care homes located in Folkestone; Wells House and Wells Lodge.


The traditional seaside town of Hove is home to three Victoria care homes in Chartwell, Chatsworth and Highgrove. Despite each home differing in appearance and style, the quality of care and compassion provided is what makes all three of these homes very similar indeed.


The thriving country market town of Midhurst has a delightful mix of medieval, Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian architecture, including the Edwardian home Birch Trees, the latest care home to join the Victoria family.